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The name Doxa Deo is a combination of two words from different languages. Doxa is the Greek word for “Glory” and Deo is the Latin word for “God”. In combination, these words reflect our ministry’s deep desire to see God’s glory breaking like a wave over our multi-ethnic cities, changing them to places where His Kingdom is established.

The presence of Doxa Deo as a ministry goes beyond having church on a Sunday. We are here to serve our cities in such a way that we contribute to the establishing of the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every sphere of society.

The Arts, as one of those spheres of impact, is included in our vision to change 12 cities to places where God reigns! The Word on which we base our calling and the reason for our existence is found in Habakkuk 2:14:

“For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.”

Through REVELATION ENTERPRISES (R.E.), Doxa Deo’s official Worship and Arts Movement, our dream is to see people from all walks of life respond to the REVELATION of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. The E represents all of the creative ENTERPRISES with which we engage, the three horizontal lines linking each endeavour with the empowering presence of the Trinity, taking us to Knowing God, Loving People and Impacting My World.

Revelation. Response. Revolution.

From REVELATION to RESPONSE to a REVOLUTION of worshippers who freely express their admiration for, dedication to, love of and intimate relationship with  the King of Kings, bringing GLORY to GOD! Knowing that the Holy Spirit lives in us and longs to impact our world through us, our creativity becomes an expression of our Creator’s  life within us, His way of changing the world around us day by day. What an honour! What a privilege!

As creative people, we have a mandate to encourage and develop every worshipper in the arena of Prophecy, Ministry, Worship, Celebration of Life and Evangelism. We encourage every member of the community to ‘stir up the gift’ that is within them, developing as effective communicators in music, singing, dancing, drama, writing, graphic design, painting, photography, and every avenue of communication or technical support of the Arts ministry.

We also aim to raise the level of corporate and individual commitment to the life of the church and community beyond the parameters and the activities of the Arts.

With this in mind we have established different divisions to see this happen.

With this in mind, we have established different divisions to see this happen.


Skill development and training days across South Africa of various Arts expressions disciplines.


Investment, teaching, care and development of worship leaders specifically.  Our RE-Align indaba once a year where the worship leaders go on a breakaway and get input for their ministry.


Where the ARTS RE-UNITE to express and be creative.


Worship nights and conferences and CD launches.We have an annual RE Conference that focuses on all of the RE Zones.  We get well-known names in the arts and worship industries to present teachings and workshops – worship leaders and professionals in the arts industries are invited nationwide and globally to be part of this conference.


Production Company – short films, script writing, content creation.


Record label – we aim to release new worship songs all written, produced and recorded in the Doxa Deo Family.


Social upliftment – 10% of all profits made is donated to development & Upliftment projects.


Creating and sharing of resources – teachings, mp3’s, eBooks, lyrics, videos, music charts, graphic design.


Training, developing and teaching of technical aspects – lights, camera, sound, equipment etc.