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Revelation Enterprises March 2018

Revelation Enterprises March 2018

What dreams are in your heart for this year when it comes to worship?

Do you find that you are so busy getting setlists and band members organised that you no longer have time to explore the desires you have in your heart when it comes to worship? When last have you “made these desires known” to God? (Philippians 4:6)

Imagine if one of our desires could be that more and more people would respond to the Revelation of Christ. That is exactly what Worship is, a response to the revelation of Christ.. Will you allow that to become your desire as well? That with every song and sermon and one-on-one encounter with people,  Christ would be seen more clearly?

When the Person and the Purpose of Christ is clearly seen it unlocks lips to praise Him, it breaks down walls to embrace other people groups who are also made in His image, it demolishes strongholds in the way our society thinks about the value of life, it opens up blind eyes to see that God is ultimately and always good.

A small but significant indication that someone is responding to Christ revealing Himself is just a simple “Thank You”…

Last week I stood in a Hospital room next to the bed of an elderly man just days before he passed away. His daughter asked me to come and pray with him because they were uncertain if he had ever given his life to Jesus. After I led him in a time of prayer, this elderly man opened his eyes and he could only whisper a faint; “Thank you…” His eyes had changed in those couple of minutes. His eyes were wild and constantly scanning my face for some hope, some assurance that things were going to be alright. After we prayed, all I could see in his eyes was peace, the kind of peace that transcends all understanding… And when he whispered his “thank you”, I knew his lips were responding to the revelation of Christ. That elderly man was busy dying, but his heart was free. Christ revealed His saving grace to this man and it changed his destiny! Where Christ is revealed, freedom is inevitable.

Wherever we go and every person we encounter is an opportunity for Christ to be revealed more clearly. It is an opportunity for us to be salt and light so that more and more people can respond with a simple “thank you” toward God for the grace and mercy that he bestows upon our lives. In this we see an incredible cycle forming. The more Christ is revealed, the more “Thank You’s” will resound in worship to God causing even more people to take notice and being exposed to an even greater revelation of God’s goodness and grace causing more hearts to respond in worship to Him.

I encourage you to dream about worship this year. I want you to dream about the hundreds and thousands and even millions of “Thank You’s” that will resound around the globe because of Christ being revealed. I want you to dream about your role as a communicator of God’s grace and mercy. I want you to see the potential we have to truly impact this world by simply helping others to see Christ more clearly.

Let us dream together that worship will become one of the most effective transformation catalysts in every area of our lives and the lives of those we encounter.

Christ revealed – Nations healed!


A fellow Revealer…

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